2 years- 3year old Groups
 The main goal of this group is to further strengthen social skills and to begin developing appropriate school behaviors such as sitting and attending. Through daily instruction and guided play, we use weekly themes to help each child meet the developmental milestones for their age. This includes language development as well as beginning writing and cutting. Children who show readiness will also concentrate on potty training.

12month - 24month Group
While the main goal of this group is primarily developing social skills, we center our instruction on weekly themes. Children in this group will not only learn how to play together and share toys, but will also develop their communication skills through language development including the use of sign language, and develop fine motor skills through daily art projects. Children who show readiness will begin potty training in this group.

Pre-K Group

Our Pre-K 3's and 4's is the oldest group at our school. Children must be potted trained to enter this group. The goal of this group is to prepare children for pre-k and kindergarten. Daily lessons revolve around the weekly introduction of the alphabet.  Our day includes a variety of activities including dramatic play, art, reading, and music. Instruction also includes lessons in counting, cutting, and writing. Each activity is adapted according to the child's age so as to challenge the older children and also to avoid frustrating the younger children

Main Building

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