Infant House

Each infant has a different need for play, for sleep, and for eating. Our infant house runs below the state teacher to child ratio. We provide 1 teacher per 4 babies.The staff will be aware of individual needs through observation, knowledge of the child’s specific routine and through daily communication with the parents. The teachers will allow the infants time for exploration through crawling, rolling climbing, walking and using appropriate toys that provide active play. Quiet play will be provided by the use of appropriate toys, sorting and stacking objects, books, music, finger plays, nursery rhymes, and soft music. When weather permits, infants will be taken for walks in our strollers, or lounge around outside on the play yard for fresh air. The staff will develop an age appropriate weekly goal lesson plan for each child. The schedule will be in accordance with the needs of the infants. Tadpoles smart app is used to maximize communication and connection between family, child and school.